Events in Siena and province

Events in Siena and province from 10 to 17 May 2019

The best 10 events from 10 to 17 May in Siena and province. Discover the best places to go this week with Place2B Siena TOP10!


Fermentazioni in Vigna

10 may from 17:00 - 11 may till 23:00

In May, Villa a Sesta dedicates two days to the celebration of a drink full of stories and a thousand facets: the BEER

Inside the village you will find the stands of the best craft brewers in the province with beer taps, long tables, music, entertainment and lots of good food, delicacies and games for children.

Just outside the walls, the vineyard where you can lie down and rest if you've drank too much.

A party for everyone, not just for beer lovers.
An appointment to keep the mug high (always with common sense!) to taste, learn and appreciate the oldest beverage in the world !!!!

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Summer Vibes on the Cobblestone • Leo Tolu live performance

10 may from 20:00 to 01:00

With the return of the summer that is getting closer and closer ...

the Società Il Cavallino is pleased to present:

an evening of music and fun in the Piazzetta Virgilio Grassi

• From 8 pm, Aperitif
• At 8.45 pm, Dinner served in the Piazzetta
• From 10.30 pm, live performance by the great Leo Tolu

Information and reservations for dinner:
370 3382414334 • 1640756
by Wednesday 8 May

For members and families

[In case of bad weather the evening will be canceled]

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Operetta Goliardica: FALLOWERS

10 may from 21:00 - 11 may from 21:00

In the evenings of 9-10-11 May at the
The Prince and his Crew MMXIX present:

In the beginning was the Nerbo

Operetta in two chats, three posts and an Instagram story

Tickets at the Nannini Conca D'Oro from 12.30 to 13.30 and from 19.30 to 20.30


On Thursday and Saturday evenings for SUPERIOR and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 15 €

For info and reservations Iacopo 339 6612720



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Stalloreggi Art & Food

10 may from 18:00 - 11 may till 01:00

The White, Red and Celestial Night

The event will take place in Via Stalloreggi closed to traffic for the occasion.

All the art shops, but not only, and the restaurants of the street will be open to make their art known and to taste their delicacies.

Live music with the Nuova Pippolese and The Bombers and Dj set by Dj Jas & Dj Roccia.

Open to all citizens.

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[email protected]

Saturday 11 May from 20:00 to 01:00

We celebrate this special date by hosting on our mega-stage the MISCHION IMPOSSIBLE that have rightly rested all winter to prepare for the event of the year.
THE ROCK ANNIVERSARY PARTY will make you dance and at midnight toast for this pub that turns 3 years old!
We will present the new menu and a new draft beer bar!
Who does not come is a teetotaler!

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Saturday 11 May from 22:00 to 00:00

South American rhythms, solar melodies and natural sounds.
Founded in 2015, Sinedades is what Erika and Agustin have created: a microclimate of music and images where you can always relax, recharge, excite.
Inspired by the warmth of Brazilian popular music and the wonderful calm of Anglo-Saxon folk, Erika and Agustin released their first album, due out in April 2019. Ten pieces of their composition, sung in Spanish and linked by recurrent themes such as the journey, the time, imagination and self-discovery.
The personal intention is to communicate, share and spread where there is a minimum of peace in the world, musical pleasure, positive vibrations.

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Leonardo da Vinci e i Melzi: arte, scienza e mecenati

Tuesday 14 may 2019 from 17:00 to 19:00

"Leonardo da Vinci and the Melzi: art, science and patrons"
Conference by Katia Ferri Melzi d'Eril organized by the Fisiocritici Academy in collaboration with the Cultural Association Arena Media Star of Pavia.

The speaker is part of Leonardo's illustrious family of patrons: for years they have kept all his writings, some of which are known as "Codes", and are still today the owners of Vaprio d'Adda (PV) of Villa Melzi which preserves testimonies documentary and artistic works by Leonardo.

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XXV Festa del Vino

16 may from 20:00 - 19 may till 04:00

We are waiting for a weekend of wine and fun! All three days will be available various food and wine stands along the Vicolo dei Percennesi, accompanied by good music.
Thursday 16 - Orchestrina Instabile
Friday 17 - Le Alterazioni
Saturday 18 - Dj Ettore

For members and families

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Miss Up Mind @Cacio&Pere

Friday 17 may 2019 from 22:00 to 00:00

Mattia Cella - guitar, bass
Niccolò Maggi - drums, second voice
Riccardo Butini - voice

Miss Up Mind, like a phoenix, is reborn from the ashes of a project started in 2012 with the name "PFTC - Plasters From The Ceiling". The passing of the years has brought with it many changes to the original structure and the influence of new musical movements has shaped the material up to the current form.

What characterizes the group is the desire to return to the origins of music, with simple sounds but with overwhelming power. All this is reflected in the choice to reduce the formation to the lowest common denominator of rock, or 3 members: Niccolò Maggi, Mattia Cella and Riccardo Butini. The first 2 are the element of continuity with the project started 6 years ago while the third represents the turning point, the spark that marked the revolution in the band. From its arrival onwards, dated 2017, the stoner, grunge and post-grunge influences are the protagonists. The trio begins to compose powerful melodies, of an apparent simplicity that in reality conceals research and dedication.

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1000 Miglia 2019 a Siena

Friday 17 may 2019 from 12:30

On Friday 17 May the third stage of the Freccia Rossa will be held. The first teams will leave from Roma Capitale at 6.30am, the lunch will be in Siena and, after the iconic pass for the Futa Pass and the Raticosa, will arrive in Bologna starting at 20:45.

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