Cacio & Pere is a wine-bar located in the historic center of Siena that offers good wine, gourmet buffet, music, art, culture and entertainment.

It is a professional adventure carried out by a large staff of young entrepreneurs from the age of 28 to 37 who expresses themselves daily in an attempt to connect virtuous enterprise, entertainment and culture.

The project has reached its fifth year of activity whose goal has been from the beginning to create a place where every evening it was possible to find interesting initiatives through the systematic proposition of forms of quality entertainment that favored the meeting between people , artists, talents and creative energies.

Around the offer of wine, cocktails and good aperitifs they make music, trying to keep their programming open to as many musical genres as possible: from electronic music to jazz, from author’s music to rock, from popular song to the classic one, from tango to Latin music. In these years, national and international artists have passed by their wine bar.

Periodically they try to offer also Theater and Cinema, with projection of short films or documentaries. They also host photographic or pictorial exhibitions at regular intervals.

Cacio & Pere is a space designed to incessantly stimulate curiosity, sociability and the involvement of the city community through the systematic offer of cultural promotion and entertainment initiatives with the aim of building the realization of an international entertainment model.

In the entertainment activities they have constantly tried to collaborate with the local associations and businesses – such as restaurateurs for the preparation of the aperitif buffet, the non-profit organizations to talk about their projects, professionals in the fields of art, information and communication: many people in Siena show that they have excellent ideas, talent and ability: their purpose is to try to involve them as much as possible in their activities with a view to offering added value to the customer.

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Opening night of the new Cacio & Pere in Siena

Serata di inaugurazione del nuovo Cacio & Pere a Siena

Siamo stati alla serata di inaugurazione del nuovo Cacio & Pere. Rinnovato il locale, l’anima non si tocca. Abbiamo parlato con Leonardo, new entry dello storico team, ci ha guidato in un tour esplorativo. Seguiteci…

Pubblicato da Place2B Siena su Martedì 23 aprile 2019

November 2018 at Cacio&Pere

Da Cacio & Pere ricordiamo gli appuntamenti del mese!

Pubblicato da Place2B Siena su Martedì 6 novembre 2018

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