The Osteria Il Grattacielo in Siena city center is a historical reality of the city, whose origins go back to the distant 1840, year to which the earliest testimonies about the existence of this tavern date back, with a lot of documents that attest to its full and active work and link it to the Vinaio dei Pontani.

In the past, however, the tavern was very different from what it is today.

People went there to buy wine to be consumed at home or to drink in company and the alcoholic drink was given directly from the carboy through the window that looked outwards and it is still present.

Inside the rooms there were the barrels that, then, with the passing of the years, around 1915, were moved downstairs in a special cellar, leaving space to the tables and the counter.

Since then, slowly, the tavern has taken its current form, becoming in effect the Osteria Il Grattacielo in Siena that we know now.

The ironic name, Grattacielo, is a nickname that refers to the narrowness of the Vinaio and dates back to the 50s of last century, literally a goliardic period for people, linked to studies and university life.

Even today, the Osteria continues to be a meeting place for the most diverse types of people: students, professors, professionals, workers and tourists.

This restaurant has the peculiarity of belonging to a small group of activities that remained open since 1900, a dozen throughout Italy, but beats all records in Siena, where it is by far the oldest.

The truly original way of managing this restaurant also manifests itself in the organization of the menu, which literally does not exist, as it varies from day to day, depending on the fresh produce available and the inspiration of the owners.

Every dish available will be shown and explained, and you’ll be able to see the ingredients, the excellences of the territory.

The term restaurant, referring to this place, is definitely improper, as they are not charging either cover or bread.

In addition, the service is very rustic and direct, the dishes and products offered are, as already mentioned, fresh and genuine, prepared directly by the owners, without the help of the cooks. Thanks to a direct management and an alternative philosophy, the Osteria Il Grattacielo in Siena is able to guarantee ingredients of the highest quality, selected and traceable, but at a price that is popular and accessible to everyone. For example in the evening you can enjoy a complete and succulent dinner with only € 15/18.

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