The name Le Pietre Vive, the living stones, I chose together with my wife. It comes from the Bible.

We had the idea for the restaurant because in any case I was in the field of tourist accommodation, accommodation in our period property.. which over time had diversified to offer different services.

So when in 2010 a change in the law allowed holiday farms to open their restaurants to non residents I decided to open this restaurant….and we keep trying to improve year by year.

We have an important historical site here just below the monument of the battle of Monteaperti.

Obviously if our guests want to participate in more than one activity we can offer a discount package…

If guests come to the cooking classes we also take a look at the restaurant so if they are staying nearby, they can come back and try more local specialties. We also offer the opportunity to go truffle hunting in our private truffle reserve.

We keep bees too and we are increasing the yield of all the products of the hive. Shortly we will be offering guided tours of the hives to introduce guests to the world of bees… which is very important.

It is a seasonal activity but the season is pretty long.. From mid-March to November and then we will probably open over Christmas and New Year.. So 10 months a year. We are open only in the evenings, but every evening.

We decided this year to have a series of three seasonal menus..We use only Tuscan products, as far as possible a very short food supply chain, most suppliers are friends or personal acquaintances.

Our wines are from this area, many high quality, most from small wineries, niche producers, some well-known abroad.

In the restaurant we use our own products, like honey and saffron and in Summer our fresh garden vegetables; tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant.

The pecorino cheeses come mostly from our neighbourgh.. Very short supply chain.. Just around the corner.

The meat is all from a trusted local butcher in Castelnuovo Berardenga.

I have artisan pici specially made for gluten intolerant guests and also bread.. not packaged products only freshly made artisan products from friends of ours.

We appeal to couples and to families, in Summer you can dine outdoors, on the lawn.

A dish that I particularly like is pigeon, typically Tuscan but it is seasonal so not on the menu year round.

From September, in the autumn menu, we’ll have some interesting things, pumpkin stuffed tortelli with pumpkin from the garden, porcini mushrooms… We’ve had more rain this year so hopefully good local porcini..

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Post Extraordinary Palio interview

Intervista post #PalioLive edizione straordinaria a Nicola Guerrini del Ristorante Le Pietre Vive, nostro partner affezionato per tutte le prime 3 edizioni!
Grazie a Nicola e a tutto il suo team.
Il Ristorante rimarrà aperto fino a metà novembre andate a trovarli, si mangia da Dio! 😉

Pubblicato da Place2B Siena su Martedì 30 ottobre 2018

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