Ancient fortifications in the heart of Chianti: Castellina and the Rocca di Staggia

with Ottavia.

The tour will take us for a walk among the rolling hills of Chianti to discover two fortifications of strategic interest in the war between Siena and Florence, the rustic village of Castellina, famous for wine and for the important Etruscan finds, and the Rocca di Staggia, a mighty manor straddling the Via Francigena. Located in an area of incredible economic and political importance, the castle has represented for centuries a bulwark of military protection disputed by the two Republics, but also a welcome space for travellers. Today this magical place hosts a contemporary art path between works and installations, which interact in harmony with the structure, offering the visitor a wonderful journey between ancient and modern.

Duration of the tour: 3h

Exclusive private tour

Up to 15 pers.
190 +15 Euro per Pers. Extra

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