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Alessandra Zini “Ma noi chi siamo?”

“But who are we?”: This is the title of Alessandra Zini’s exhibition hosted, from February 14 to March 1, at the Cesare Olmastroni Gallery (via di Città, 75). << My project – as the Emilian artist explains – is developed on different essential forms of expression: digital art, sculpture and painting, linked together by the theme of the environment, for a total of 35 works. I chose this topic to analyze more deeply the relationship and the influence that the human being has with it, coming to understand the power and misery of man himself. A three-speed journey: meticulous and truthful with the digitalart technique, elegant and light with the painting of figures that do not seem dangerous, up to the sculpture where everything becomes more immobile and eternal, but the shadows on the wall remind us that they can still act and continue their action >>. And shadows have always been the passion of Zini who give life to figures in continuous transformation with different materials in a real fight between black and white to eventually support each other. The Prussian blue is occasionally allowed to sneak into this << journey that continues because the shadows always follow it >>. The exhibition, with free admission, will remain open every day from 15.30 to 18.30.

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