The Magazzini del Sale represented a dream for Talani, he expressed his desire to one day be able to exhibit his works, he recalled today at a press conference in the Sala delle Lupe, together with the mayor Luigi De Mossi and the journalist and critic of Riccardo Ferrucci, Talani’s historical assistant, Laura Farina, on the occasion of the presentation of the anthology “Anima Sola, the sea, the wind, the memory” dedicated to the Tuscan master.

The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality together with the cultural association (non-profit) Giampaolo Talani, and with the sponsorship of the Tuscany Region, was created with the aim of enhancing and spreading the work and thought of the Tuscan artist who died in January 2018, and will be inaugurated on February 29 at 4.30 pm, in the presence of Farina herself, the journalist and art critic Lodovico Geirut and the son of Maestro Martino Talani, to remain open to the public, in the suggestive exhibition spaces inside the Palazzo Public, until May 5th.

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