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Events in Siena and province from 02 to 09 August 2019

Best 10 events from 02 to 09 August 2019 in Siena and province. Discover the best places to be this week with Place2B Siena TOP10!


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News Siena

Exit: Music

On the occasion of the Memorial Day 2020, the Teatro dei Rinnovati in Siena hosts the EXIT: MUSIC concert. Music and art for memory with ...
News Siena

Life in the IXth century

It's Sunday and in the village life goes on quietly with all the inhabitants engaged in their activities. The dominus Razo, now about to leave ...
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Turisti per Casa

TURISTI PER CASA 2020: Sunday morning in the Pinacoteca Three "indoor" walks among the masterpieces of Sienese art Sunday 26 January: Sunday with Domenico Beccafumi's ...
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Frammenti, nel tempo, sospesi

The exhibition features everyday life moments captured all around the world through a Polaroid camera. The exhibition will last until 22nd of February. A light ...
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Block To Rock

Here is the first sport climbing club in Valdelsa (SI)! During the event, adults and children will be able to try climbing! There will also ...
News Siena

“Zanna Bianca” @ Teatro dei Rozzi

A theater season "Fa ... volare"! It starts with the review dedicated to children. Saturday 25 January with "White Fang of wild nature" produced by ...
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