Vivi Fortezza 2019 will start on June 4th, the first summer program of events in one of the most popular areas of Siena

With Vivi Fortezza 2019 one of the historic spaces of Siena is reborn. In fact, the review of events that will revitalize the sixteenth-century Medici Fortress until September 30th will start on June 4th. The program of the events will range from music to the world of food, through art and the disciplines of wellness. The project to re-launch the complex as a location for events open to all citizens and not only was strongly supported by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Siena.

Vivi Fortezza 2019 will be a way to enhance the area as a whole. In addition to the main space of the internal square, many events will come to life under the loggia, on the boulevards and on the San Domenico bastion. The goal is to make the Medici Fortress a center of leisure and relax for people of all ages. The program is carried out by the Propositivi Association (Pro +) in collaboration with many realities of the national, regional and cultural, musical and sporting scene.

The main themes for events will be six: music, art & culture, sport & wellness, food & fairs, children and cinema. This will allow you to have a varied schedule that will occupy all time slots. In addition, there will be points for drinks and refreshments able to welcome people who want to live the Fortress.


The concerts and DJ sets of Vivi Fortezza 2019 will take place on three different stages: the main stage in the amphitheater and the two smaller ones, one in the lodge area and one on the San Domenico bastion. The genres proposed will be the most disparate, jazz, blues, rap, rock and classical music will not be missing. There will be specific reviews for each musical form.


The programming will also give space to multi-faceted artistic and cultural events. Photographic exhibitions will be set up, book presentations organized, theatrical and dance performances will be staged.


Professionals in the field of sport and in general in the world of wellness will be teaching outdoors. The Medici Fortress is in fact increasingly a meeting place where you can train or experiment with new disciplines in the company. A series of sports equipment for free use will be prepared both in the internal square and on the ramparts.


It will be possible to delight in Fortezza thanks to days dedicated to the promotion of local products and exclusive markets. There will also be a three-day truck food event.


Vivi Fortezza is designed to involve even the little ones, who can have fun and learn with a program full of activities, outdoor games and creative workshops.


For film buffs, there will be the opportunity to enjoy the best films of the season from the steps of the amphitheater. Not only that, during all the summer months important documentaries will be proposed.


Also called Forte di Santa Barbara, it is a symbolic place for the Sienese community, both for the view enjoyed from the ramparts and for its history.

The Fortress was built by Cosimo I de ’Medici the Duke of Florence, later Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1563 in the same space where the Spaniards had built a” citadel “, then razed to the ground by the Sienese in revolt. The function of the Fortress has long been that of barracks for foreign rulers. At the end of the eighteenth century it was transformed into a public garden

Built entirely of brick, it rests on a base surmounted by a large brick cord. On each corner of the fort, there are large cuneiform bastions, called San Francesco, San Filippo, La Madonna and San Domenico. On the sides of the Fortress there are the “low squares”, used a time to pull the artillery pieces indoors.


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