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The best places to visit in Siena and its province for the whole family.

Osteria Permalico in Siena

Osteria Permalico takes its name from a character who participated in the battle of Monteaperti then later took his vows as a priest and opened this place as a refreshment point for pilgrims on the Via Francigena.

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San Paolo Pub in Siena

San Paolo Pub is located in Vicolo di San Paolo in Siena.

It boasts an exceptional location with a terrace overlooking Palazzo Pubblico and Piazza del Campo.

It offers great draft and bottled beers as well as traditional pub food. Great place for a lunch break and a fun evening.

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Macelleria Turchi in Siena

Macelleria Turchi is located in Via Montanini 79 in Siena and offers meat and products ready to cook of excellent quality. The ready to cook are today the strong point of the Butcher’s shop.

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Biovita Restaurant

Biovita in Siena offers biological cuisine with vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic dishes. Cooking classes and events but also catering and market for a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. 

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Gastronomia Morbidi

Gastronomia Morbidi is situated in Siena in Via Banchi di Sopra, in the main street of the city. It is a historic shop where you can buy gastronomic specialities to go or simply just have a delicious meal inside. 

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Cantina del Brunello

Cantina specializes in Brunello di Montalcino and from this takes the name. Among more than thousand different labels Cantina offers Super Tuscan, Chianti Classico, Barolo, Amarillo and other important types of wines from Tuscany and Italy.

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124om Parrucchieri by Mimmo M.

124OM Parrucchieri was born from an idea by Mucci Mimmo that after the first Salon where the art of hairdressing was mixed with the creations of young underground designers, in 2007 has opened the doors of the new Store in Via dei Termini, 51 in Siena, just a few steps from Piazza Del Campo.

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School of Comics & Writing

The School of Comics & Writing is an educational center for the diffusion of comics and narrative arts which offers:

• Professional comics courses for adults and children
• Editorial illustration courses
• Junior comics courses
• Kids cartoon courses
• Writing workshop
• Watercolor and drawing workshops

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