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Il Ristoro at Ville di Corsano

The name of the business was inherited from the old management, as it was already well-known by its classic name. ...
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Gastronomia Morbidi

Gastronomia Morbidi is situated in Siena in Via Banchi di Sopra, in the main street of the city. It is a ...
Experiences in SienaFood in SienaOsteria in SienaSiena

Osteria da Trombicche

Da Trombicche is one of the last “old osteria” in Siena and one of the must-see places in the city. It ...
Experiences in SienaFood in SienaOsteria in SienaRestaurants in SienaSiena

Osteria il Ghibellino Siena

Osteria Il Ghibellino is located a just a few steps from the Duomo of Siena in Via dei Pellegrini 26. ...
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Beer dinner @ Il Ristoro

At Il Ristoro - Ville di Corsano, on 12 April, the event was held with a beer-based menu paired with ...
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Super Mojito and Dj set @ Gastronomia Morbidi

The Super Mojito and Dj set event was held on 11 April at the Gastronomia Morbidi in Siena. The mojito ...
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Flower exhibition in the Contrada della Torre

On April 12th, the flower exhibition set up by the Women Group of the Contrada della Torre returned to Siena. ...
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Dolci, dolcezze e motori in Piazza del Campo in Siena

From 12 to 14 April 2019 in Piazza del Campo in Siena, the first event "Dolci, dolcezze e motori" took ...
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“Città dei Mestieri” is born

"Città dei Mestieri" is born to enhance Artistic Craftsmanship: the convention between Contrade and Asp Città di Siena is signed. ...
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“Fare e Disfare è tutto un faticare” by Simonetta Losi

"Fare e Disfare è tutto un faticare" (Doing and Undoing is all a labor): words and expressions of the Sienese ...
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