Francesco Minuti, one of the owners of Tapas Bar in via Simone Martini 23 in Siena will tell us about I Parolai.

“We’ve opened this Tapas bar in May of 2015; top quality drinks and we hope to continue like that, also we’re trying to do at least two events per week. Normally on Wednesday we offer a tasting and on Friday a night of live music, usually on Wednesday to accompany the tasting there is an acoustic duo. We organize tasting of products of our local food and wine suppliers. Tonight for example my co-owner Paolo will tell you about this special tasting duel.
It’s a battle between Tuscan gins Senensis and Ginepraio that now are spreading all around the world.
We’re trying to keep a traditional view for aperitifs and sometimes we alternate it with something strange for our clients.

Tapas is a type of service, originally it was a tap that was put on a glass in Spanish bars, then it spread all around the world, some put a piece of cheese and some prosciutto, crostino or other things and so tapas is more a type of service than food itself. We’re waiting for everyone to come try I Parolai!”


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