The name of the business was inherited from the old management, as it was already well-known by its classic name.

The new management, Larissa Mascioni and Elisa Ghezzi have this restaurant for 10 years now.

Il Ristoro offers a typical local cuisine, they work a lot with the Cinta Senese and there are people who come specially for this, one of the strongest dishes is the straccetti pasta made in the restaurant, called maltagliati with cinta senese ragout, then the tegamata, another strong dish, which is a stew of cinta senese with fennel seeds, then they offer various cured meats of cinta senese aтв amazing fried meat and fried vegetables, which are rather difficult to find.

They use the goats products that are from the Ville di Corsano and seasonal vegetables. Local cuisine with an eye to seasonality.

They are fortunate to be in a very active agricultural area, and so they collaborate with local farmers for things like Cinta Senese, beef, Limousine beef, Chianina, goat products, organic produce and use both the local flour and farro, the honey and other products. This is the added value to their restaurant, local products, enhancement of the territory and small producers.

The restaurant is also a bar, the bar of the village that opens at 7 a.m., and is open all day long.

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday every day for any type of service from the bar, and then during lunch and dinner times you can eat the dishes from the kitchen, at dinner you can also eat pizza or take it away.

The environment of the restaurant is typical of Tuscany, also very special because it is done in an old farmhouse located on several floors, steps, all exposed brick … so a rather special environment.

Larissa Maschioni: “I think that the aspiration of every restaurateur is to grow and grow means to always improve, so always try to offer a better quality service”.

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Cena della Birra a Il Ristoro alle Ville di Corsano

A Il Ristoro – Ville di Corsano, il 12 aprile scorso, si è svolto l'evento con menù a base di birra in abbinamento alle birre del birrificio senese La Stecciaia Birrificio Agricolo Bio, presentate dal mastro birraio.

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