The activity started in via Montanini 79 in Siena in the early 20th century.

The father of the current owner buys this Butcher’s shop in 67 and sets up on his own.
It sets up on its own with the actual activity of traditional butchery with only slaughter of calves.
Over the years the slaughtering of pigs, sheep and poultry has also been included.

With the arrival in the shop of Andrea Turchi they began to turn products into ready to cook because because people were in a hurry, nobody wanted to spend time cooking and then they thought about transforming their products.
The ready to cook are today the strong point of the Butcher’s shop.

Today Andrea together with his daughter Cristina, under the supervision of her grandfather, manage three farms of property where three farmers grow the animals.
They take care of the feeding, they watch the growth of the animals and at the most opportune moment they slaughter them.

The animals are mainly beef, limousines, chianines grown naturally with corn and soy, oats, barley, wheat, to bring them to a right ripening and have exceptional meat, excellent quality, goodness, tenderness that allow you to stand out with the rest of the trade.

For the pigs, only local products are supplied from Chiusdino.

The chickens are caught in a farm that keeps them outdoors and treated in the best way reared in corn and soy, without the use of antibiotics.

The strengths are the appearance and the goodness of their products and the family tradition that has been going on for 3 generations.

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