Da Trombicche is one of the last “old osteria” in Siena and one of the must-see places in the city. It is situated in via della Terme for already over 50 years and it is considered to be one of the historic spots in Siena.

After the change of management the osteria didn’t change its original characteristics – a wine osteria that offers traditional cuisine, rustic and cheerful atmosphere and modest prices.

Osteria Da Trombicche offers hot and cold dishes, to make some of the the old Tuscan recipes are used, and the dishes change every season.  Do not miss a wide selection of charcuterie and cheeses, made in the province of Siena and other Tuscan areas.

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Pork belly with scarola, capers and anchovies

Le Ricette di Trombicche

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Le Ricette di Trombicche è il programma che fa al caso tuo!
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Pancia con scarola, capperi e acciughe.
In collaborazione con Osteria da Trombicche.


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Menù Novembre 2018

Siamo all'Osteria da Trombicche.
Vediamo le nuove delizie in menù.

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La Merenda Sonora all'Osteria da Trombicche

In #diretta dall'Osteria da Trombicche con La Combriccola del Disco per la Merenda Sonora

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