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Cappella di San Galgano in Montesiepi at 360°

Usually the history of Sword in the Stone is attributed to an english legend, and the one who can pull the sword from the stone is the rightful King of England, an honour given later to King Arthur of the knights of the round table.

In the province of Siena, in comune of Chiusdino to be exact, the sword in the stone is not a legend but reality.
In the Chapel of San Galgano in Montesiepi, a small hill in the surroundings of the famous Abbey without roof of San Galgano, a place for important events and ceremonies, the sword is held, which according to the tradition, Galgano Guidotti has put into the stone as a sign of his withdrawal from the worldly life.

The Chapel also known as Rotonda di Montesiepi in terms of its structure is older that the big Abbey. Rotonda di Montesiepi was constructed between 1182 and 1185 on top of the hill where San Galgano lived the last year of his life, right where he put the sword into the stone.

While Rotonda di Montesiepi and its Sword in the Stone take us back to the legend of King Arthur, the big Abbey with its Sacred Geometry speaks of other “music” and “egyptian” suprises about Saint Grail, but we’ll talk about it in another episode of Travel Journal.

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